PatitiriPatitiri is the island's main harbor and the first place you see upon your arrival on Alonissos.
After a devastating earthquake in 1965, the local population migrated, from the Old village (Chora) down to Patitiri. The reconstruction and growth of the area was rapid and now Patitiri is the largest village and the unofficial capital of the island.
The word "Patitiri" means winepress in Greek and the village got its name from the fact that all the winepresses and storage areas of the local wine used to be in this area.


Unfortunately, the island's vineyards were devastated by Phylloxera (a North America bug that eats vine roots) in the late 60's, so there is now no local wine for visitors to try. Although many local people have replanted the old rootstocks that survive d Phylloxera and make their own wine, the quantities are not enough to last until summer as we tend we drink it all during the winter. : )
In addition, in Patitiri you will find the majority of hotels, shops and supermarkets as well as the post office, the bank (National Bank of Greece with a 24h ATM), tourist agencies, the police station, the medical centre etc. Patitiri also includes most of the island's nightlife, with several bars and clubs.
Moreover, in Patitiri you will find the start of the bus route to Old Alonissos (Chora) and Steni Vala as well as taxis and excursion boats which will take you along the coast and the National Marine Park of Alonissos (NMPANS).

Despite the fact that Patitiri is the main harbor of Alonissos the water, of the beach located inside the harbor, is crystal clear and perfect for a quick dive.
Furthermore, since the begging of the summer season of 2008 there is a free Wi-Fi connection available in the area Patitiri, very useful for weather forecasts, emails etc. (Scan for Wi-Fi, choose "wireless magnesia" unsecured network, then open your internet browser login and you are ready to surf in your favorite websites!)
Last we should mention that in the thorp of Patitiri you can find the museum of Kostas & Aggeliki Mavriki, where rare artifacts of our island’s history and culture are being exhibited.


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