Location of Dyo AderfiaPosition:South of Alonissos.

Area: 2 square kilometres.

Highest Point: 178 meters & 154 meters

Southernly from Alonissos, in distance of 5,8 naut. miles fromPatitiri are located the rocky islands with the name Dio Aderfia (means Two Brothers) that are separated from each other from a narrow band of sea.

The “big brother” reaches in height the 178 metres and “small” the 154 metres.Small bushesand other plants adapted in the rocky ground cover their surface. In Dio Aderfia live many poisonous snakes.

At Dio Aderfia,which are very good fishing areasof the region, exists only a small beach which is named Ostria (N39°06.344' E23°58.767'), which is located in the big island at the west side facing the rocky islets of "Gaidares"

In the region come often also the diving schools of Alonissos for educational dives as the underwater surface presents big variety.

As the Peristera island, the rocky islands Dio Aderfia belong in Area B of National Park, where do not exist concrete rules of protection. 

Some photos from Dio Aderfia