Kalamakia is a small fishing harbour, 12km from Patitiri and even quieter than Stenivala. The village is quite new, with not much in the way of rooms to let and only a few tavernas.

The village is a popular for the fresh fish and lobsters served in the waterside tavernas - all owned by fishermen.

Stenivala is a small fishing harbour 10km from Patitiri. The village is quite old, older than Patitiri, but has kept its traditional character, with not many rooms to let or tavernas.

Like Kalamakia, Stenivala is famous for fresh fish in the tavernas, all owned by fishermen.

Rousoum Yialos - the beach

Rousoum Yialos is the most popular beach in the area, located between the port of Patitiri and Votsi with7 minutes walk from the centre of Patitiri and only 5 from Votsi.

There are 3 tavernas, 2 cafeterias and rooms to let.

There is also a small dock to come with your boat if you like and enjoy the good food there

Rsoum (now Rousoum), means 'tax' in Turkish. During the long period when the islands were under the rule of the Ottomans, wine was shipped from this beach and all the island's taxes were collected here by the Ottomans.


Some photos from Rousoum Yialos



The small harbour of Votsi is 20 minutes walk from Patitiri. It has many nice tavernas overlooking turquoise-green water surrounded by steep ochre-yellow cliffs. There is also a small quiet beach where you can swim. You can also swim at the nearby beach of Spartines.

It used to be a separate village from Patitiri, but with Rousoum Yialos, Votsi has grown with the building of new houses so that the three villages have merged to form the municipality of Alonissos.

Votsi has no shopping centre so the harbour is the most lively place with its small tavernas.

This small village takes its name from Admiral Votsis, who made Alonissos his base for the Greek naval fleet during the Balkan wars.
There is no public tranpostation service from Patitiri as Votsi is in very close range to Patitiri, and in the small port which is mainly used by the local fishermen, exists a slippery slot for boat trailers to throw in the sea your boat.

Some photos from the village of Votsi


The Old Village of Alonissos is situated up in the hill 3km away from Patitiri. It was the capital of the island until 1965, when an earthquake happened and the people moved down to Patitiri.

Now 5-6 local families stay there all the year around. After the earthquakes many foreigners start to buy the old houses, lovers of the traditional style of the island, who kept the character of the village, repairing many of the old buildings.

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