The beach of Chrisi Milia is one of the most popular among tourists and is ideal for families with young children. There is fine silky sand all along its axis. Inwards there is a very gentle slope, almost negligible for about 50 m, making Chrisi Milia ideal for small children, since the water is very shallow and thus safe for them to play around (N.B Children MUST always be accompanied by an adult, when swimming, even in very shallow water.)

You can find sun beds and beach umbrellas as well as a small taverna.Location of Chrissi Milia beach
The road leading there is asphalted all the way thus rendering the beach highly accessible.
In the area there used to be the most dense pine forest of the island, which was unfortunately devastated by a great fire that occurred. Luckily natural reforestation is well under way, and today visitors can gaze upon a forest on its infancy. The pine trees have grown back and have restored the sites beauty and uniqueness.
Chrisi Milia is a current name for this beach and the surrounding area, which used to be known as Palavodimou Laka.


Travel Distance:
By car or motorbike from Patitiri: 15 '
On foot from Patitiri: 40-50'


Some photos from the beach of Chrissi Milia