In the location of the beachiny beach of the Holy Anargyroi you can go along the path that continues from the churches of the Holy Anargyroi and exit to the beach, alternatively if you are by car or motorcycle in the dirt road continues in the forest after a long clearing pass, you will pass by a stone tap on the road and after 10-20 meters you will find on a new dirt road which leads to the beach. This road ("fire zone") leads to a villa that has virtually destroyed and the landscape there.


The beach is relatively very small with tiny pebbles and the waters are a little bit colder than usual as fresh water comes inside the sea water.Location of Tourkoneri & Agii Anargiri beaches

Just behind the pebbles is a building with benches for hikers and is part of the hiking trail network of the island.

One interesting fact is that there is a cave right there on the rocks, which are entering into the sea, barely stands out to the surface. A dip 5 seconds and you're inside the cave. There is light inside thanks to a hole that exists on the rocks just above it. If you're lucky you may find a seal inside ...

If you continue swimming at your left for 5' you will go to the next beach called Tourkoneri, equally small and charming with the landscape to be very impressive as the pine forest ends literally inside the sea.

Some photos from the beaches