Those beaches are located at the north side of the island under the Old Village and they are completely identical.

As you can see from the photos the landscape at the north side of the island is more wild and the size of the beaches are mush smaller comparing with the south side beaches of the island.

Because of their location are usually windy and there are not very tempting for choosing them for swimming. In the other hand if the weather is calm they are transforming to the ideal places to be for swimming and relaxing looking their crystal clear blue waters. No tavernas, no excursion boats, not so many people.Location of Yialia & Vrisitsa beach

In order to go there unfortunately there is no asphalt road so motorbikes are more preferable to use. The beaches consist of tiny black pebbles with bigger ones inside the sea. There is fresh water coming into the sea and because of this the temperature of the sea at Yialia is colder that usual. At Yialia there is also a very nice windmill, giving you nice themes for photographs. At the back side of the beach there is an abandoned watermill where you can see its ruins.

For Vrisitsa you need to take the road at the Alonia area just before the Old Village and after 10' you will reach the beach. The way to go there is really nice with very nice themes for photographs. When you will reach the beach note to park at the parking area before the villa as the last 50m of the road are really bad and if you are with a car you might stuck there.

Those beaches are popular within the visitors of the Old Village because of their close distance.


Travel distance:
Car/motorbike from Patitiri about 20', from the Old Vilaage about 10'
By feet about 20'-30' using the normal road from the Old Village.

Some photos from the beaches