Contrary to its busy ‘Big brother’ the beach of Mikros Mourtias is a quiet beach that in order to visit, you should you go up in the Old Village and afterwards following the signs you will go down and find the beach. Do not forget of course that there is also possibility of going to the beach using the peripatetic network of island.

The beach is relatively small, with pebbles externally and a big patch of fine sand in the sea. The beach is encircled Location of Mikros Mourtias beachfrom precipices, creating breathtaking scenery and precisely on the back you will find olive trees where you can find good shade.
On its right end there is an old abandoned building that was used by people living in the Old Village, when they wanted to visit Skopelos. It was easier for them, than getting to Patitiri and then rowing to neighbouring Skopelos.
Being so quiet and relatively isolated, the beach is sometimes preffered by nudists. It is also very likely that upon a visit you might be the only people there, so it really feels sometimes as a private beach!!!


Travel distance:
With car/motorbike from the Old Village about 10'
By feet 20-30' using the footpath.

Some photos from Mikros Mourtias