The beach of Gerakas is found in the northern outmost part of Alonnisos, around 23km away from Patitiri. At the site the Marine Research Station, is located, whose aim is the study and protection of Mediterranean seals Monachus monachus. The station has unfortunately been closed for years probably due to insufficient funding. At the site you might be lucky enough to meet a local watchman who will be happy to show you around the place.

The beach of Geraka unfortunately is not one of the most enchanting of the island and it is likely to disappoint you, especially if it is compared with other beaches of Alonnidos.Location of Gerakas beach
In Gerakas there is some elementary jetty for small ships and is a secure harbour in cases of sudden bad weather. It is mainly used by local fishermen, and especially during the tuna fish season, being a safe location and adjacent to their fishing grounds of the deeper waters of Alonissos, towards Halkidiki.

If you want something special and a different point of view of Alonissos, then visit Gerakas. Along the way you will be able to enjoy some magnificent views. In this part of the island you will come across local people with their grazing goats and maybe get a chance for a memorable photo. The road is asphalted all the way and it is needless to say that you will not find a taverna, beach umbrellas etc.


Travel distance:

With car/motorbike from Patitiri/Old Village about 40'


Some photos from Gerakas