The beach of Agios Dimitrios is probably the most popular and, according to many visitors, the most impressive beach of Alonissos. It is also the one that is the furthest from Patitiri, with a travel distance of 14 km.

Agios Dimitrios can be pictured as a huge triangular piece of land, sweeping into the sea, that being the reason that the water deepens somehow abruptly. External morphology is dominated by small, smooth, white pebbles.Location of Agios Dimitrios beach
Agios Dimitrios beach was named after the monastery dedicated to the saint Agios Dimitrios. This monastery was completely destroyed by pirates, but you can still see scattered remains of it near the main road.
As you can see in the pictures below, there is a small lake formed in the winter by rainfall. This can not be seen in the summertime since the water evaporates due to the heat.
You can find tavernas on this beach, as well as sunbeds and beach umbrellas.

Travel distance:

With car/motorbike from Patitiri/Old Village 35'-40', Stenivala10'-15', Kalamakia 5'-10'

Some photos from Agios Dimitrios