The Old Village of Alonissos is situated up in the hill 3km away from Patitiri. It was the capital of the island until 1965, when an earthquake happened and the people moved down to Patitiri.

Now 5-6 local families stay there all the year around. After the earthquakes many foreigners start to buy the old houses, lovers of the traditional style of the island, who kept the character of the village, repairing many of the old buildings.


Because of its location, the views are really fantastic, with one of the best sunsets all around Greece, and now the Old Village is becoming one of the best parts of the island to visit.

The visitors will find traditional rooms to let, many nice tavernas and small shops, feeling a completely different atmosphere from the rest of Alonissos.

It's 3km away from Patitiri (the port and main village of the island), and you can take the bus with its frequent timetable to go there, you can also use the 4 taxis or the old footpath, walking approximately 30' to go up and 20' to come down.
Inside the Old Village is not possible to move around with car or motorbike because of the old footpaths and all the products are transfered inside the village with donkeys. However there is wide space parking area near the graveyard area.

There are a lot of cultural events taking place in the summer with the most famous "traditional wedding" event taking place at the 15th of August, when you can watch a mogue wedding taking place with traditional costumes, live orchestra etc,like the old days and after a party is carrying on till late. At July you can watch the traditional harvesting procedure at the Alonia area, and very nice is the annual live concert under the fool moon at July or August depending the date, at the Alonia area.

At the Old Village you will find many family tavernas which specialize in meat dishes, and traditional greek food.

We recommend as the best place to spend your holidays in the Old Village, Chiliadromia Studios, located in a very nice spot inside the Old Village, with access to everything in 2-5' walking time (car parking, tavernas, the Kastro area etc.)

Check out some photos from the Old Village



Special Thanks

Vasilis Drosakis for his lovely photos